Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apologies - you're not going mad !

Hi again,

I'm so sorry if some of you have been searching my previous posts looking for my Meerkat card!

A friend of mine just told me that the photo of the card wasn't in my last Post so I double-checked and she was right. It was very late last night when I was editing my blog and I must have deleted the photo when I was trying to edit my text.

** Is it just me or do many of you have to edit your Posts a few times after creating them to get the text and photos to line up just right ? I always have to edit about 2-3 (or even more times) to get it the way I want.

If there is an easy way to do it, please let me in on the secret.

Thanks for any tips you can give me on Blog Posting.

Well, must get some shut-eye, it's getting late again and I'm still here in front of the screen !!

'Bye for now - see you again soon :-)


  1. Thanks Ramona !! Your little meerkat card is slightly wacky !! (LOL) but very cute!!

  2. Lol, I have to edit a few times too, especially when I attempt a late-night post, I check it out in the morning and there is always something wrong, usually with the links!! I have been centering my posts, makes them look longer than they really are, but I don't have as many troubles with one or two stray words with more page breaks involved.


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