Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Belated Blog Awards - #1

As the last few months have flown by so quickly, I have been very slack and need to attend to a few things which I've neglected - namely passing on some Blog Awards.

I received two of these awards from my friends and fellow team members - Kellie Winnell and Robyn Clarke and I would now like to pass them on to others who I think deserve them.

I have to nominate 8 blogs for each award so here are my first eight nominees -

Yvonne Campbell - my upline and an extremely talented lady. Yvonne goes out of her way to help all of us in her team and I watch in amazement as she whips up cards and 3D items in a few minutes flat, just putting paper, stamps and ribbons together with ease to create such beautiful items. Her blog is always full of inspiration and lovely creations and great family anecdotes too!

Debbie Pamment - my new friend and team-mate. We met over coffee and became instant friends and even though Debbie is only a newbie to Stampin' Up, she has inspired me with her regular new creations every few days. I have seen some of her cards and other projects in person and she has talent to spare! I keep going back to her blog to see what she's come up with next!

Robyn Clarke - another new member of our team whom I first met at our Regional in Melbourne recently. I love Robyn's work and regularly visit her blog to see her latest cards. She made some lovely projects recently for a Trade Night at which she demonstrated her artwork and this award is for the inspiration she shares with everyone and also as a Thank You for honoring me with this award (my second).

Jenni Oliver - a lovely girl who is so welcoming when I and other girls visit her for stamping sessions, giving all of us free reign of her craft room and supplies and sharing her wonderful creations and ideas. I love visiting her blog to see her latest cards and projects and always pick up new ideas when I do.

Makeesha Byl - Keesh creates such beautiful cards and her blog is an endless array of inspiration. I love her work and always check out her latest projects every day or so. Her colour challenges are another source of great ideas and I will get around to submitting an entry one day!

Marelle Taylor - another extremely talented artist, producing the most exquisite cards with gorgeous colours and ideas! I am constantly checking out her blog for inspiration. I really love her work.

Karen Thomas - such gorgeous cards and other projects on her blog. I love her work too and always keep returning to see what new and exciting things she's come up with.

Carol Dunstan - I love the colours Carol uses in her cards and I always find new things to try out when I visit her blog. Wonderful creations!

I will list my other 8 Blog Award nominees in my next posts.

Please take some time out to visit the above 8 blogs and see what I'm talking about! I'm sure you'll find lots of things to admire and inspire you.

'Bye for now. I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year's Eve - Celebrate !!

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  1. Thanx for the honor Ramona. I'm really pleased to have you as a friend and inspiration - am looking forward to continuing the Stampin Up journey with you! xXx


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