Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MIA .....

Hi everyone,

Sorry but I too have been MIA lately though I see a lot of you have been very busy creating!

We were up in Queensland over the Australia Day long weekend for a wedding and I have been busy trying to catch up on all my emails plus the usual chores which have piled up in our absence.

I have missed the deadlines on a few recent challenges but still managed to finish one card since we came home very late on Sunday night - I will upload it in the next day or so to show you all.

The wedding was lovely but the hot and steamy weather up there really knocked us around -
we were so glad to get back home. Even though we are experiencing a heatwave here at the moment, it's a dry heat and bearable!!

Well, that's it for today - it's very late and I must go to bed or I'll never get up in the morning for work.

Will catch up with you all again by the weekend (and hopefully have some more things to show you).

'Bye for now - please come back again to visit very soon :-)

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  1. Hi Ramona... You sound super busy!! I know what you mean as "LIFE JUST HAPPENS" and can get away on us. (this past week was that way for me!) As you have a heat wave and we have below normal FREEZING temps! LOL! We'll chat again soon! Smiles ;)


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